March 28, 2017

An Introduction to Golf Drivers

The game of golf requires specialized equipment, apparel and accessories. Since the game’s birth in the 1500s, various gold clubs have been used by players to put the ball into the hole. There are course layouts that require the ball to be moved over a long distances. Particularly if the player needs to launch the ball over the longest distance in a course, golf drivers(also called the 1-wood)will surely be an excellent choice. The very first drivers were made of wood, hence their name.

These days, golf drivers have become very specialized.

TaylorMade-GolfIn coming up with designs for these clubs,a player’s drive distance is given emphasis. That is the reason why drivers have become the priciest club in a set. The price range of drivers for amateur players is from US$100 to US$500. Custom-made drivers for professionals cost up to thousands of dollars. Players consider a lot of factors before purchasing drivers. They usually go to the actual store to try out the actual drivers. Most golf equipment stores do free custom fitting.

Golf drivers are especially constructed so that the shaft, head and hosel all work together to optimize the best long-range shot for the player. A properly-constructed shaft increases accuracy and consistency. They used to be made from hickory wood or steel, but these days, most shafts are made from graphite. However, even if graphite is lighter and provides a greater swing, it sacrifices control. Recently, multi-material shafts are used on drivers. They combine graphite and steel into one shaft. Other new materials used in shafts are titanium and nanofuse. Titanium is lighter than steel, and nanofuse is metallic and lightweight.

Drivers are characterized by their shaft flex.

Drivers are categorized by flex. They could be regular flex, stiff flex, extra stiff flex, and senior flex, lite and ultralite flex. Flex or flexpoint is the area of the shaft that bends. A low flexpoint produces a higher ball flight. This is ideal for players with a slow swing. A high flexpoint produces a lower ball flight. This is good for players who swing fast.Whippy shafts, which are the regular flex shafts, are used by golfers who have long swings. Stiff shafts are used by players who have faster swings.

The heads of drivers should also be constructed well.

TaylorMade Golf founder Gary Adams is considered the father of modern metal wood, and he was the first to market metal woods in the late 1970s. Callaway Golf designed very good metal woods, as proven by their Big Bertha line. Big Bertha has an over sized head which optimizes the center of gravity when hitting the ball. Metal wood heads are now made with titanium, which has ultimate strength despite weighing less than steel. Most importantly, the aforesaid metal is resistant to corrosion.

Loft is another feature of golf drivers.

Loft is a feature of the face of the club, particularly the amount where it slopes back so that it could hit far. A typical driver has a loft of about 10 to 15degrees. Players can choose drivers with various lofts.

There are also drivers with adjustable lofts.

Players with slower swings need to have more loft in their drivers. This is because as loft increases, so do launch and spin. There are several high launch lofts available in the market. These types of drivers deliver low spin and fast ball speeds across the face.

The weight is removed from the crown and repositioned low. This results in better off-center hits and great distance. Other high launch loft drivers have advanced aerodynamics. First off, the head shape of aerodynamic drivers is rounder with a raised center crown. The shaft is ultra-light and has a light grip, which gives faster swing speed.

There are several outstanding brands of golf drivers.

TaylorMade GolfSome of the best are Cleveland, Nike, Callaway, Cobra, Mizuno, Tour Edge and Taylor Made. Cleveland Classic drivers have a one-of-a-kind sole design and color scheme. Their bestseller is the Cleveland Golf – 588 Altitude Driver. Players love this because of its Ultralite Technology, which promises more distance and speed with the same swing. It also has the largest sweet spot and precision weighting. Nike Vapor drivers feature the New FlexLoft technology that claims 15 settings for golfers to choose from, and its head has the largest chassis of any driver.

Callaway Cobra drivers have a titanium clubhead, and they also have what is called E9 Face Technology, which improves accuracy. The Cobra Fly-Z+ technology have a smartpad with eight adjustable settings. Mizuno introduced the Fast Track sliding weight system to the market. It also has a shaft release system and has rebound crown technology. Tour edge drivers have adjustable loft options and have a variable face thickness technology where players can choose from multiple levels of thickness.

Taylor Made drivers are made from premium materials.

These have a seven-layer carbon composite crown, which is very thin and very light, but high-strength. Their drivers are also designed for multiple types of swings because of a feature called multi-directional adjust ability, which personalizes the way it is swung. The previously-mentioned Big Bertha Alpha 815 driver has a multi-material construction and a forged composite crown.

All in all, it’s safe to say that drivers come in different shapes and sizes, and thus there’s a driver suited for every kind of golfer. If you haven’t purchased one yet, all you have to do is consider everything you’ve read about here as you search for the ideal club.