is a community of a number of professionals and inspired writers, photographers, storytellers and adventure seekers who simply wish to share their stories and experiences all about the state of Minnesota to the world. The Minnesota as a state in the Midwestern of United States is famous for its landmarks and watermarks.

Perhaps you are wondering what is in Minnesota or how is life there compare to the busy cities of New York and Las Vegas. Well, Minnesota has a lot to offer more than you thought. Its big land has built a lot of communities by which it has its specific offering.

Here in we are trying to give you reasons to explore more about Minnesota, may it be more on its tourism, history and even its culture.

MinnesotaFirst of all, Minnesota is known for its variety of water formation. There are a lot of big lakes surrounding the state, streams and rivers by which it is known for the great Mississippi river. In line with this, communities have established different water fishing activities.

These beautiful watermarks also offers very beautiful scenic views that will make you feel relaxed and stay calmed especially when your day is not taking a good vibes. The famous Minneapolis Grand Round Scenic Byway is definitely everything for you since it offers a one of a kind experience all in one place. It has great sceneries, outdoor recreation, historical sites and dining and fun family adventures that are there to await you. It followed the lines of the famous lakes and waterfront of the Mississippi river.

wildlife sanctuariesIt also has its nature parks and wildlife sanctuaries to offer. The Voyagers National Park will be one of your favorite here since it has an authentic and educational experience to offer. By the water and along the forested lake you can see there the nice experience where you can do a lot of recreational activities such as the boating, wildlife appreciation and also dining. Also, the Minnesota has reserved some of its areas and makes it protected because of the wildlife it has. One famous sanctuary there are the International Wolf Center and the North American Bear Center where people get to see the daily activities of the wolves and the bears. By this, they are educating themselves and having fun while at the same time helping in preserving the lives of these wild animals.

Of course, Minnesota experience will not be complete without the experience of its local delicacies and food offerings. The state is famous for its restaurants offering fresh from the farm meals. It is definitely healthy and delicious that will make you crave for more. Salads, soups, pork and beef meals are there waiting for you to try with its guaranteed freshness. You can try it in Brasa Minneapolis, New Scenic Café in Duluth, Birchwood Café in Minneapolis and to other fresh Minnesota restaurants.

Beer and drink experiences are also one of the must try here in Minnesota especially for those beer lovers. The state is known for its beer production and people can learn more of it and the culture by touring around the state. Perhaps, you can wander through the street of New Ulm where the Schell’s Brewery is located, or to the Summit Brewing Company in St. Paul or to Fitger’s Brewhouse in Duluth.

outdoor concertsIn terms of its celebrations, the state of Minnesota is also known for its outdoor concerts and festivals. This is a time of celebration and a time of also seeing performances of various people and artists. Take a look at the state’s calendar of events to see its awaited festivals and celebrations which you will definitely like.

Lastly, the state is also known for its ultimately unique and authentic shopping experience. If you are a shopaholic and wanted to try local items, try to go here. Perhaps you might not know that Minnesota is a tax free shopping State specifically in the areas of Minneapolis and St.Paul, yes it is. The famous Red Wing Stoneware and Pottery and Red Wing Shoe Company will be one in your shopping destination lists in Minnesota since it is selling various remarkable items of the states such as the boots and collectible items. Unique museum shops are also in the state offering new and modern art crafts and design perfect for displaying and for a friendly gift.

Well, these are just an overview of the rich and authentic experience in Minnesota. Check out for more of these on the main page of this blog to get to know the details of it and some other cool things to try in Minnesota community. Enjoy!